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Printer rental and lease, repair, supplies services and manpower

10 Years of Reliable Printer Brands and Support Services

With over a decade of printer rental services, manpower and expertise, AffordaInk Inc. continues to provide you reliable support and printer brands for your home and office needs.

Owning a printer requires maintenance and periodic replacement of parts. These are very costly especially when the part to be replaced is the printer head. Renting a printer only requires a monthly fee and you do not have to worry about the printers breaking down or ink running out.

A printer package includes your choice of printer, unlimited ink refill (for inkjet printers), regular maintenance visits by qualified technicians and on call service during office hours.

Printers for rent in Metro Manila, Philippines, servicing Makati, Ayala, Ortigas, Pasig, Quezon City, Antipolo, Rizal, Pasay, Mandaluyong and other nearby areas

Leave all your printer worries to us! We'll provide and maintain your office printers at an affordable monthly cost. Read more.

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 (0918) 946-7939 / (0917) 512-8387

Printers for Rent (AffordaInk, Inc.) is a leading service and and product provider of printers, copiers, toner refilling and related equipment based in Metro Manila, Philippines providing rental, maintenance and sale of cost-efficient, affordable yet quality printer products, equipment, supplies and accessories for enterprise, office, from small, medium to large businesses. 

We provide printer services mainly for leading printer and copier brands such as HP, Brother, Canon, EPSON, and Ricoh.

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