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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is included in a printer package?

As specified from the product details page, below are the inclusions when you rent a printer.

  • Unlimited ink refill (for inkjet printers) and will be refilled as need arises
  • Regular maintenance visits by qualified technicians
  • Printer replacement during breakdown
  • On call service during office hours
  • Reliable support and assistance by phone

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Why rent a printer?

Owning a printer requires maintenance and periodic replacement of parts. These are very costly especially when the part to be replaced is the printer head. Renting a printer only requires a monthly fee and you do not have to worry about breakdown or ink running out.

Which printer do I choose?

There are basically 2 kinds of printers with varying speed and paper sizes. These are the inkjet printers and the laser printers. Inkjet uses liquid ink while laser user toner powder. If you are printing color, inkjet saves you on costly toners while if you are printing documents with plain text, laser printer gives you high speed at low cost.

Are the ink and toners included in the monthly rent?

Yes they are included: for inkjet, the supply is unlimited while for laser printers, you only purchase toners while the use and maintenance of the printer is free.

How long can we rent the printer?

The minimum is a 6 month contract but there is no limit in the duration.

How do I select a service provider?

Choose one with a proven track record and has been in the industry for more than 5 years. Take note of the address of the company if it is a residential or business address. Ask their existing clients.

Do you install the printers?

If the company has their own it team, we normally let them do the installation. But if they do not have an it team we can assist in the installation of the printer be it standalone or networked.

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GMR Group, Philippines
Ayala Land, Inc.
Oxford Distributions, Inc.
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Printers for Rent (AffordaInk, Inc.) is a leading service and and product provider of printers, copiers, toner refilling and related equipment based in Metro Manila, Philippines providing rental, maintenance and sale of cost-efficient, affordable yet quality printer products, equipment, supplies and accessories for enterprise, office, from small, medium to large businesses. 

We provide printer services mainly for leading printer and copier brands such as HP, Brother, Canon, EPSON, and Ricoh.

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