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Printers for Rent, AffordaInk is now located at the new office building in Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines

AffordaInk, Inc. (Printers for Rent) transfers to a new location in Pasig City

  • Nov 14, 17
  • admin

Announcement! Effective november 16, 2017 we will move to the new AffordaInk building! The new and improved office building is located at: Lot 1-E, Jenny’s Avene, Ext. Barangay San Miguel, Pasig City.

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Printers for Rent (AffordaInk, Inc.) is a leading service and and product provider of printers, copiers, toner refilling and related equipment based in Metro Manila, Philippines providing rental, maintenance and sale of cost-efficient, affordable yet quality printer products, equipment, supplies and accessories for enterprise, office, from small, medium to large businesses. 

We provide printer services mainly for leading printer and copier brands such as HP, Brother, Canon, EPSON, and Ricoh.

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